Custom Payment Plans

Who can tell us how to get the equipment we need now?

We review your specific circumstances and can provide several options for you to consider when determining the best repayment plan to optimize your purchasing power.

Can we order equipment prior to our current loan being paid in full?

Your first payment dates can be structured up to one year after delivery of your purchase.

Should we do a prepay or wait for the vehicle to be delivered to us and then pay?

We can prepare options so you can determine if prepay is beneficial in the long run.

How can we purchase what we need now when we still have a few payments left on our existing loans?

We can create repayment programs that include rolling over your existing debt into your new purchase or we can develop a gradual repayment plan that has lower payments in the beginning and then increase as your cashflow improves as your current debt is eliminated

What is the maximum finance term you offer?

  • We offer a maximum fixed rate for 15 years. 
  • Extended amortizations up to 20 and 25 years are available depending on the useful life of the item being financed.
  • On amortizations over 15 years, the rate is fixed for the first ten-year period.  After the initial ten years, there are rate adjustments at five-year intervals.
  • Call us for further explanation of extended term products.

What financial information do I provide?

We’ll ask you to send us your organizational documents, operational authority & the last 3 years financial information (Including a current balance sheet & profit & loss). That’s it!